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Worcester Boys Gymnastics

Worcester Boys Gymnastics
Worcester Boys Gymnastics

For more than a decade Worcester Gymnastics Club has been providing gymnastics training for boys and girls from the Worcestershire and Warwickshire area. The club caters for gymnasts of all abilities, from Baby Gym and Pre-School, beginner level through to competition standard and also adult classes.


Our classes are run by qualified coaches who offer boys and girls the opportunity to learn gymnastics in a safe and friendly environment. Sessions are held daily at our venue in Stock Wood, near Inkberrow in Worcestershire. These classes cater for mainstream gymnastics for ages 6 weeks to adult, and will allow any age group to start enjoying gymnastics, no experience will be necessary.

We aim to offer a wide variety of classes from Baby Gym and Pre-school through to Adult, Freestyle, Floor & Vault, Teen Gym, Rhythmic and Balance & Co-ordination.

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Worcester Gymnastics Club

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